6,500 Acres of Pure Off-Road Enjoyment

Cross Bar Ranch

Davis, Oklahoma


Cross Bar Ranch

The Cross Bar Ranch is located just west of Davis, Oklahoma in the heart of the majestic Arbuckle Mountains.  The ranch is 6,500 acres and offers Jeep, Rock Crawler, UTV, ATV, and dirt bike trails for all skill levels.  Being located in the mountains provides lots of different terrain.  Places in the ranch have rugged steep rock trails while in other parts of the ranch the trails whined you through the shadows of the trees.  Several of the trails hold water creating a muddy adventure, something most of our guests don't shy away from!  With over 100 miles of trails, the Cross Bar Ranch offers something for everyone!  The ranch is owned by the City of Davis, OK and operated and managed by Midground Creators (devepment company).   We also offer rentals and have RV sites available.


What Visitors are saying

"It's a great place with a little of everything . Been three times and still haven't seen all of it !It's just to much fun. If you like rocks ,mud,steep hills , tight winding trails through trees and creeks , or just laid back easy trails to see the view it's the place for you." -Michael

"One of the premier spots in Oklahoma for off-road adventure! Tent Camp/Rv, ride from your camp site, wildlife, fun, challenging trails, easy trails, rocks, mud, trees, easy in and out of the property. Well maintained! Keeps us coming back!" -John

"We always have fun at The Cross Bar Ranch. The red trail is our favorite with lots of technical stuff to go through. To make it even more fun you almost always see some great wildlife out on the trails." -Amy



10% discount (with proof) for Military, veteran, first response, and senior citizens

Day Admission (Rates are per person, per day.)

Adult                        $15.00

Youth (12 & under)   $7.50

5 & Under                 Free

RV Sites           

Improved: $35.00 per day, plus day admission fee for each camper in RV.

Primitive: $15.00 per day, plus day admission fee for each camper in RV. 


$10.00 per night, per tent, plus day admission fee for each camper in tent.

ATV Rental

Rentals Available: 

SxS: 2 each Can-Am Commander 800 (two-seated automatic), 1 each Polaris RzR 800 (two-seated automatic) .

8-Hour                    $275.00+Tax

4-Hour                   $137.50+Tax  

Four Wheeler: 3 each Can-Am Outlander 570 (automatic).

8-Hour                    $165.00+Tax

4-Hour                   $82.50+Tax

Price Includes: Fuel, use of a helmet and park admission you are required to wear a helmet and also required to wear close toed shoes.  The age limit on the rentals is 16 and older, parental consent will be required under 18.  No double riding when renting from Cross Bar Ranch.  

Call 580-247-7244 between 8:30am and 5:30pm to reserve (Credit Card required for rentals & reservations).

Memberships (not applicable for discounts)

Note: we are not a members only park.

The Four-Seater (yearly)                               $700.00 per year, per immediate household

The Lone Rider (yearly)                                $500.00 per year, per person

The Ranch Hand (monthly)                          $60.00 per month, per person






Rules & Regulations

1) Alcohol is allowed at campsites and RV sites only.  No drinking and driving allowed!

2) No riding at night.

3) No littering.

4) No firearms, Illegal drugs, or fireworks.

5) before you can ride you must sign a release & waiver form.

6) Do NOT cross any boundary markers, fences, or parish roads, anyone caught off property is subject to removal from property and will be responsible to pay for any damages to property.

7) Cross Bar Ranch recommends everyone have proper safety equipment, and follow your vehicle manufacturer’s safety guidelines while operating in the park.

8) Do not remove or tamper with any trees, shrubs, plants, or animals on park property, any destruction of property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

9) All riding at Cross Bar Ranch is at your own risk!